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PICKNICKs - Vera Deckers


Hachenburg · Westerwald

When the narcissists flourish again!

The narcissists have taken over. Packaging is more important than content. Attention is the global currency. The only thing that exists is who is online and the loudest wins.

On the one hand, this is terrible, on the other hand, it's hilarious. Helicopter parents stop their children on the swing and sugar for the new heroin. Teenagers no longer experiment with drugs, but pose for selfies and toil as influencers in the YouTube open pit. Self-actualisation is the order of the day and anyone can be a star. But if everyone plays first violin, how does the orchestra sound? And why can't you just block the Twitter account of crybabies?

Self-optimisers wear fitness trackers and count steps, calories, drops of sweat, burps and snoring in their sleep. Such times create self-doubt: can cabaret have its finger on the pulse if you don't even have a pulse watch?

How am I supposed to realise myself if I can't even find a flat as a freelancer? Why is a full beard no longer reserved for maths teachers in corduroy trousers? Since when is promotion no longer based on talent, but on suspicion? And why are nuts no longer served on aeroplanes?

The psychologist uses scientific studies to document the madness of our times and also finds reassuring facts: Occasional drinkers live longer than people who don't drink alcohol at all.

So all is not lost after all?

Admission: 7 pm

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