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Rhens · Romantischer Rhein

Saturday, 28.11.2020

16.00 h Christmas atmosphere lies above the Rhenser Marktplatz. The stands open. It is a small but nice Christmas market, which is distributed on the market place, in and around the "Alte Rathaus" as well as in "Alt Rhens".
 The operators make a lot of effort to spread Christmas flair.  Beside the large Christmas tree of the city on the market place this time some Christmas trees were set up by the community of interests, which provide additionally for Christmas tendency and against highest bid after the Christmas market, decorated with home can be taken. Well-known Christmas carols can be heard from the upper floor of the Old Town Hall. In "Alt Rhens" the "Mixed Choir" is waiting for customers of the traditional Rhenser dish "Döbbekkuchen". In the town hall the Rhenser Möhnen wait for guests and offer waffles.
Look forward to Christmas cookies, sewing work, winter accessories, handicrafts, household goods and Christmas decorations. Glühwein belongs to the Christmas market, as does the delicious Bratwurst. Christmas magic is in the air when darkness falls. A little time to take a deep breath in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
21.00 The Christmas market closes for today.

Sunday, 29.11.2020

11.00 a.m. Take your time for the 2nd day of the Christmas market!
The stand operators welcome the visitors warmly. Even today, a balanced, Christmas assortment of goods awaits customers.
In the "Old Town Hall" there is a rich selection of cakes. Already when opening the door of "Alt Rhens" the smell of the Döbbekuchens flows into the visitor's nose.
The snack stand is also prepared for lunchtime.

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