Weihnachtsdorf Waldbreitbach

from 26.11.2021 - 30.01.2022

Waldbreitbach · Westerwald

During the Advent and Christmas season, Waldbreitbach has a number of things worth seeing, such as:

  • the large natural root nativity scene in the parish church Maria Himmelfahrt with 1,000 roots collected in the forest
  • the 18 m high guild tree with almost 10,000 LEDs
  • an 8 m high Christmas pyramid
  • an open-air nativity scene made of natural roots
  • the "Star of Bethlehem", a footpath in a forest slope above Waldbreitbach, equipped with 3,500 light bulbs and numerous nativity scenes
  • a floating Advent wreath on the Wied with a diameter of 8 metres
  • a floating nativity scene
  • an international exhibition of nativity scenes with over 2,500 exhibits from 100 countries (open daily during the Christmas season - except Christmas Eve - from 14:00-17:00)
  • the Advent Calendar House - from 2021 at a new location / let yourself be surprised!
  • life-size wooden figures from the "Erzgebirge"
  • the chimes with dreamlike melodies
  • an arched nativity scene

"Christkindchenmärkte" with a live programme are held on the 2nd + 3rd Advent weekends, where the "Christkindchen" distributes presents to the children.

The "Little Nativity Trail/Kleiner Krippenweg" leads 2 km through Waldbreitbach - past lovingly designed nativity scenes from the shops and private houses and all the attractions of the Christmas village. The "Big Nativity Trail/Großer Krippenweg" can be hiked from 25.12. onwards. It leads on different routes between 10 km - 25 km through the monastery landscape Wiedtal.

Guest guides to lead the Nativity Trail can be booked with pleasure, group price from 50,00 € (1,5 hours on the small Nativity Trail, price for up to 25 persons). From 27.11.2021 to 9.1.2022 there will be open guided tours every Saturday and Sunday at 3.00 p.m. for only 3.00 € per person, starting at the Tourist Information. For more information, please contact the Waldbreitbach Tourist Information or www.weihnachtsdorf-waldbreitbach.de.

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