Holidays in Rhineland-Palatinate

Enjoy golden moments

What really counts when you’re on holiday? It is the moving, simply delectable moments when time seems to stand still that make your trip unforgettable: when the sun slowly sets and the last light over the treetops shimmers prettily in the waters of the river; when the first drops of a new wine tickle your taste buds and you realise it will quickly become one of your favourites; and when you turn the pedals for the last time and swing out of the saddle at the highest viewpoint, exhausted but happy.

However you design your holiday and whether you are just here for a short break or spending a few days exploring the 10 multifaceted regions of our Federal State, your time here will make lasting memories that will always bring a smile to your face. Which moments do you want to add to your favourites?


The Eifel, the Hunsrück, the Westerwald and the Pfälzerwald form the most beautiful low mountain range landscapes for your outdoor holiday. Surrounded by the idyllic river landscapes of the Moselle, Rhine, Nahe, Ahr and Lahn, you can perfectly combine hiking or cycling tours with a visit to a city. Six of Germany's 13 wine-growing regions are located in Rhineland-Palatinate: You can taste the most delicious wines from the winegrowers of the Ahr, Moselle, Nahe, Romantic Rhine, Palatinate and Rhinehesse. Rhineland-Palatinate is not only the most wine-rich state, but also the most forested in Germany. In eight nature parks and two national parks you can experience flora and fauna up close, especially the wild cats in the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park are an exciting highlight. 

Top 20 premium circular walks to castles

Hiking in Rhineland-Palatinate

The most intensive experience of the castles and palaces in Rhineland-Palatinate is during a hike. We have compiled the Top 20 selected day tours for you here. Enjoy the natural landscapes around castles and palaces and let yourself be enchanted!

Reichsburg Castle in Cochem, Moselle

View of Reichsburg Castle in Cochem, Moselle

How would you like to experience Rhineland-Palatinate?

Get inspired!

Update on the situation in the Ahr valley

The Ahr valley and its tourism infrastructure are still severely affected by the consequences of the flood disaster in July. In the meantime, however, some tourism offers are available again to a limited extent. You can find out what is currently available in the region by clicking on the following link. In all other parts of Rhineland-Palatinate, excursions and holidays are possible without any problems.

More leisure tips for your holidays in Rhineland-Palatinate

Wineries with special architecture

We present the Rhineland-Palatinate wineries of the cross-border Via Mosel project; this way you can easily add an aesthetic level to your wine enjoyment on site.

Schwarzes Icon, das ein Weinglas zeigt

UNESCO World Heritage sites

There are seven World Heritage Sites and one UNESCO Global Geopark to visit in Rhineland-Palatinate. Find out more about the UNESCO World Heritage.

Fantastic panoramas in Rhineland‑Palatinate

Enjoy spectacular views in our holiday regions: the rolling countryside of the low mountain ranges (Mittelgebirge), idyllic river valleys, thriving vineyards and more...

7 swimming lakes & water adventures in Rhineland-Palatinate

Here you'll find natural swimming lakes in picturesque surroundings - perfect for a time out with the family. Escape from everyday life, experience nature adventures and pure relaxation by and in the…

Long-distance cycling trails through beautiful river valleys

Leisurely bike paths stretch out for miles along the riverbanks. The bike paths following the courses of rivers such as the Rhine or Moselle offer beautiful panoramas.

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Idyllic picnic spots in Rhineland‑Palatinate

We reveal 20 idyllic picnic spots with breathtaking views that you can easily reach on foot or on your bike.

10 walking tours with convenient train connections

We reveal 10 walking tours that can be reached by train — in an eco-friendly and convenient manner, without having to use your car.

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The loveliest long-distance hiking trail stages

Along with the unspoilt nature, our fantastic castles form an impressive backdrop to our 13 premium long-distance hiking trails, offering excellent quality walks along selected routes.

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Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park

Old, extensive beech woods, steep rocky outcrops and rare slope bogs make the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park unique.

Tourplanner Rhineland-Palatinate

Hiking and cycling tours easily planned: The Tourplanner Rhineland-Palatinate offers you the perfect overview of the cycle and hiking paths here.

Experience Guide for Rhineland-Palatinate

New exciting audio stories

Many kilometres of motorway lead you through Rhineland-Palatinate - always accompanied by brown and white signs that draw your attention to special highlights of the region. 112 new audio clips in the MAQNIFY Experience Guide now let the attractions in Rhineland-Palatinate do the talking! Simply activate the GPS signal and live mode for your car journey and the free app will automatically play the matching story.

MAQNIFY experience guide with the Mainz Cathedral in Rhineland-Palatinate as an example

MAQNIFY experience guide with the Mainz Cathedral in Rhineland-Palatinate as an example

Virtual Rhineland-Palatinate

Experience Rhineland-Palatinate virtually!

You can't visit us in person at the moment, but you feel this longing for Romantic Germany? Then we have the solution for you here! You can visit selected highlights in Rhineland-Palatinate virtually and thus increase your anticipation. Lean back, enjoy a glass of good wine from Rhineland-Palatinate, enjoy these views and look forward to your next visit to Romantic Germany!

Geierlay suspension bridge, Hunsrück